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About Me

Turfevolution will "transform the ground we play on". We will honour the earth by acknowledging Nature's patterns, cycles and systems to benefit the whole of life and its collective future. We will do what's right for present and future generations.


My Background 


I offer a wealth of knowledge and a vast skillset developed over 40 years of working in horticulture and turf management. I bring the experience of working with both the industrial Green Revolution methods and a shift to following Regenerative methods and allowing the natural system to work with my assistance rather than control. This paradigm shift over the past 10 years comes with proven results of a systems approach.


  • Humber College HLT (1983)

  • Continuing education conferences, workshops and seminars 

  • Nutri-Tech Solutions Certificate in Nutrition Farming (2019)

  • Integrity Soils CREATE Coaching Program (2022)

  • Integrity Soils Fellowship Coach (2022)


Turf systems management, the reduction/elimination of synthetic inputs (fertilizers and pesticides), working with natural systems rather than trying to control such, soil health diagnostics and soil building, systems evaluation and monitoring based on diagnostic screening of all enabling factors inclusive of the 5 M's (microbes, minerals, OM, management and mindset). 

Who I Help

  • municipalities - parks, sports fields

  • school grounds

  • golf courses

  • sports associations

  • homeowners

  • agricultural properties

Local, national and International ventures 

How I Do It

We must begin by teaching oneself to see the natural system as a whole, a dynamic ever evolving system. To become a player within that system, not a controller. Realizing we are just a contributing factor working in a symbiotic relationship with many other organisms. Our position will be one of educating and coaching others to connect with and learn from nature in an encouraging and shared journey. We will transform turf/plant systems such that it aligns with regenerative principles and natural patterns

What's in It for You

  • lower costs and healthier soil and resilient plants

  • reduced synthetic inputs = Environmental Stewardship

  • reduction/elimination of weeds, insect damage and disease occurrence 

  • increased water infiltration and moisture holding = lower water use

  • healthy soil building while degrading organic material into humus along with nutrient cycling, water and carbon cycling that produce healthy controlled growth


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